Gaelix 720 Bowrider

Gaelix 720 Bowrider is a powerful, aggressive and comfortable motor boat for day-to-day entertainments on water. It is perfect for family rest, fishing, towing of water skiers, and other types of relaxation on water.

You won’t resist falling in love with it from the first sight, as it was created to charm you. Every line of this classical design highlights its elegance and refinement. An undeniable resemblance with bigger expensive yachts confirm it. Because of the engineering peculiarities of the boat hull, advanced manufacturing technologies, and powerful range of engines, Gaelix 720 Bowrider is capable of increasing its speed up to 50 mph, and luxurious design of the cockpit with the use of the best accessories and expensive materials will satisfy even the most selective tastes.

Technical specifications

length maximum

7.20 м

Beam maximum

2.58 м


prop lowered

89 см

prop raised

40 см

Dry weight

1680 kg

Fuel capacity

238 ltr

Water capacity

60 ltr


19 degrees

Standard Equipment Options and Accessories

Deck and broadsides of the motor boat are manufactured as a three-layer sandwich construction using the most advanced materials and technologies, ensuring light weight of the boat, as well as good sound proofing lagging and thermal layer. Additional deal of focus was placed on maximum sound proofing of an engine room. It allowed to significantly decrease noise emission in cockpit of operating engine mechanisms to give you an opportunity to enjoy incomparable sounds of nature instead of annoying monotonous roar of operating motor.

All the lounge furniture elements are produced using special marine materials that are not afraid of the sun and water, and all the boat accessories are of the highest quality by the best manufacturers of marine equipment.

В богатую базовую комплектацию входит все необходимое оборудование, чтобы обеспечить Вам безопасное и комфортное пребывание на борту – GPS/ Feshfinder Raymarine, магнитофон с акустикой JBL, стационарный прокачной туалет, палубный душ, телескопическая лестница для подъема на борт, автоматическая система пожаротушения моторного отсека, 5-ти ступенчатая регулировка рулевого колеса по высоте, мощный автоматический откачной насос в моторном отсеке и многое другое.

Gaelix 720 Bowrider удовлетворяет всем современным требованиям безопасности плавания. Высокое качество смол и других материалов, используемых для изготовления корпуса, а также всё установленное оборудование самых известных производителей, гарантирует длительную и бесперебойную эксплуатацию.

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