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Why gaelix

Recognizable design.

It’s a comfortable and multifunctional vessel which is a bit more than 7m long with classical design and luxurious finishing may become a cozy home for romantic date of a couple, family day boat, or a venue for a party for friends.

An extremely beautiful and stylish boat was designed by a famous Argentinian yacht designer Gino Gandino, who used to design  exclusively mega yachts for the most famous producers all around the world. That’s why it’s impossible to miss obvious similarity of Gaelix boats with the design of big-size motor yachts, and each line of the Gaelix boat’s hull highlights it, reminding about it’s noble kin. We’ve placed a right bet on soft, clean lines. The boat looks very modern and, at the same time, very recognizable. It draws attention.

Comfort and safety.

Thoroughness, quality, traditions — all these are more than just empty words for Gaelix. All these characteristics were combined in all of our new models.

The boat interior is very beautiful and comfortable. Our company is probably one of a few that makes use of such amount of natural wood for covering of its cabin boats. And it’s not just a plywood, like most of manufacturers use, but it’s a whole solid wood of valuable species — teak and oak. They cover major part of interior and exterior: cabin finishing, including teak floor, even in toilet, and a swimming platform, the tables in cockpit and cabin are also covered with teak. But if you want something bigger and exclusive we can make you a special, extra offer: teak floor in cockpit, red wood in all the elements of cabin finishing and exclusive steering wheel covered by 2000-year old black, bog oak.

Moreover, one more advantage of this boat is a seating capacity.

Due to a wide hull and a big quantity of seats, even a big family will feel comfortable on the boat. Despite it’s small size 23 feet (hull’s length without a swimming platform is only 21,5 feet), the boat is equipped with a separate toilet  and a wonderful cabin where two people can spend a comfortable night. Have you ever seen any other boat of a similar size with a full-fledged toilet and cabin?

All these characteristics enable using the boat not only for short journeys, but also for quite durable  sailing, including staying overnight.

All these also refer to the open model Gaelix 720 Bowrider.

The boat is very practical.

You’ll find roomy lockers; and an anchor winch, of a standard configuration for cabin boat, is hidden in a lockable nose compartment. In this compartment of a Bowrider model a staircase is also available. Both models of a standard configuration are equipped with electrical fridges.

You can install a bimini and a wooden table in a cockpit, in order to create a cozy area for having meal with a family or with friends, and a superb audio with incorporated speakers around the entire perimeter of a cockpit will create a suitable environment for your rest.

A big swimming platform with natural teak covering, illumination and a staircase — all these features present a separate topic for discussion. In a tandem with comfortable stern seats, it is a perfect place not only for those who enjoy fishing, but also for those who prefer to indulge themselves with silence alone with nature. And, of course, it’s the main place for water entertainment and games, which will be especially appreciated by your kids.

The control board is as convenient and multifunctional, as it is elegant and innovational. The panel itself is stretched over with ultra-strong vinyl similar to a color-grade of all the cockpit soft elements. Round switches, with red backlight when turned on, have seamlessly blended in the panel, which is  made of stainless steel with mat finishing.  A special attention should be paid to a beautiful, soft blue backlight of all the symbols on the control board, logo on instrument panel and decorative elements.

All information about movement is displayed on four electronic devices, two of which are tachometer and speedometer that have displays reflecting data about motor operation, including fuel consumption and calculated cruising range. Central position is given to the cutting edge GPS/Fishfinder AXIOM 7 by Raymarine, that all standard configuration Gaelix models are equipped with.

Our boatyard pays special attention to safety of our customers on water, during boat tours on Gaelix.

We didn’t cut costs on your safety, since, in our opinion, it is one of the most important things in our trust relationship between you and us.

Let’s start from the boat hull. The hulls of all Gaelix models represent enhanced monococque — a construction where the load is carried not only by the bottom, but also by the internal frame attached to it. By the way, the frame is filled with poly-urethane filler in order to remove the vibration and noise of the hull hitting the water. The hull is constructed according to “sandwich structure” principle, and the bottom is enhanced with kevlar. Firstly, it increases the hull endurance; secondly, these technologies allow to get rid of vibrations and ensure smooth, even confident move on speedboat at high speed, passing through any roughness of water surface.

Speaking about active safety, in motor compartment there is installed a powerful retractable pump that operates both manually or automatically. For models with inboard engine, there is provided forced ventilation of motor compartment to reduce gas and petrol vapors concentration. Inboard motor models also have fire-protection system installed in motor compartment, that is activated both manually and automatically; and the ventilation system of the fuel vessel has an inbuilt valve that alarms in case of  vessel overflow during refueling.

In standard configuration on models Gaelix 720 Cuddy and Gaelix 720 Cuddy SO there is installed and electrical anchor winch.

Sea-going performance and controllability.

Let us cover the most important part in this section. It’s a real joy to navigate Gaelix 720. This boat has sport dynamics, and a real passion seizes you as soon as you get to steering wheel. Due to the hull’s outlines, the boat smoothly and evenly passes the waves, which means that you can throttle down less frequently. At that, the boat’s manageability and dynamics is at the highest level.

Maximum speed with the Mercruiser 6,2 MPI 300 motor exceeds 50 knots, and the boat starts gliding in less than 4 seconds. Stern-drive Bravo 3 Duoprop ensures perfect control that allows you to virage as if counting ties.

The seats of the steersman and of the front passenger tightly embrace the body, ensuring a wonderful lateral support at high speed virages and at abrupt changing of steering wheel positions. The seats are equipped with convertible bolsters that allows you to navigate in a standup position. The windscreen copes with its function quite well, so that the flight above water gives you no discomfort even if you navigate standing upright.

So, Gaelix 720 is a sport character, functionality, comfort and plenty of pleasure on water both for a small company, and for a friendly family with kids.

You build your own, unique boat with Gaelix.

Due to a big choice of base color range of the hull and four options of the cabin finishing performance,  you really get you own, designer’s boat.

Seven color range options for the hull sides:

Four variants of soft furniture finishing in the cockpit.

A huge list of standard equipment, that you would pay plenty of money for, in case of ordering from other manufacturers:

But, in case this is not enough for you, and you want to be the owner of the one and only boat, with covering aligned with your unique desires – Gaelix will give you such an opportunity.

Our main purpose is to enable you to choose the boat that would completely fit your needs, with an attractive exterior, graceful interior, and, the most important, of the highest quality performance.